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Request A Screening In A US Theatre!

We are really keen to get GameLoading in cinemas and YOU can make it happen! Not is the US? Email us at and we can help you set up a screening in your hometown.

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GameLoading World Premiere!

Hey everyone!

Great news! GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is complete! After much work in recent weeks the film is finished and being sent to our online and theatre platforms. Yay!



The last few weeks has been very stressful as we struggled to complete the last few elements of post-production. The online edit and end credits were killer!! Once you see the volume of names and graphics in the end credits you will see why it was so much work for our small team. We hope you’re excited to see your name in lights!

We are ready to roll out the film, initially in theatres and finally online.

We will have a month of screenings around the US powered by Gathr which will culminate with a screening in Seattle at the EMP Museum. Through Gathr you can request a screening in your hometown! Demand a screening now:

Australian Premiere – Melbourne & Sydney: April 2nd – Venues TBC

Belgium Premiere – Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival: 7-19 April

German Premiere – A MAZE/Berlin: April 22-25

We are also organising screenings in other parts of the world. If you want to help organise a screening in your hometown we can help make that happen. Email us at and we’ll see what we can do.

Online – we are still working out the dates for our online release. At this stage it looks like it will be early April. Because of the technical setbacks we had in the last few weeks our online release has been pushed back from March to April. Once we have a confirmed date from our platform partners we will let you know.

Sorry for the brief delay but getting the film finished and ready for all platforms has been a technical challenge for our small team!

We promise it’s worth the wait :)

Home Stretch

As mentioned the last few months has been crazy for us as we reached the finish line. We have been blessed to have some amazing talent join us in post-production. The team at Music & Effects in Melbourne did a great job with our sound design and sound mix!!

Music & Effects



We have also the talented Marcus Herrick colour grading the film – he has made GameLoading look amazing!


Colour Grading


Thank you so much for the support everyone!

Lester and Anna



GameLoading Christmas Update

Hi everyone!

A quick update from us as the year comes to end. We’ve had a busy year at GameLoading filming in Japan, Canada, the US and Australia. Our final interview for the film was with League of Geeks director Trent Kusters at The Arcade, Melbourne. Our most exciting words spoken this year were: “That’s a wrap on GameLoading”.


As mentioned in our previous update we have finished editing the film. After wrestling with the edit for close to a year we finally shaped it into something we are really proud of. This was no easy task as we filmed a LOT of footage and so many characters we wanted to be on the final piece had to be cut out. We’re hoping to have an extended cut with about an hours extra footage available about six months after our initial release.


Over the past month our composer Tim Shiel has been busy finishing the music for GameLoading and we are delighted with the result. He has previously composed music for the game Duet and has toured with Goyte. Thanks Tim!


Our sound designer Brendan from Music and Effects has started doing the sound edit for the film. We had a spotting session with him at the Music and Effects theatre recently where we watched through the film and talked about what direction we want the sound design to go in. We’re really excited about having Music and Effects on board as sound makes such a huge impact on the feel of a film.


Our colour grader Marcus Herrick has also started his work to make our film beautiful. Marcus has graded many TV shows and films and colour graded our Sneak Peek so we’re in good hands.

We can’t wait to share the film in March next year!

Thanks again for all of the support.

Anna and Lester


The edit is locked off!!!

Hi everyone!

Apologies it’s been a while since we did an update. We have been glued to our computers for the past three weeks getting the edit ready. It was a LOT of work getting the film ready and our co-editor Cliff went beyond the call of duty the night before submission waking up every two hours to check on the film’s render. We’d like to thank our crew. In particular our editor Cliff Wilding, associate-producer Jess O’Farrell, production manager Steph Westwood, composer Tim Shiel, and our Austin B Unit Victoria Tyler and Eissa Burghed.


We can’t wait to be able to share the film with you in March 2015.


Anna and Lester

Extra Content – Harassment in Gaming Video


A few days ago we released another Extra Content Video. Titled ‘Harassment in the Games World’, four game developers share their experiences as women in the games industry. Filmed before the recent #gamergate controversy, Zoe Quinn, Phoenix Perry, Catt Small and Nina Freeman talk about the harassment and discrimination they face as women in a male dominated medium.


Extra Content – Lucas Pope

Hi everyone!

Even more extra content coming your way!

While at GDC14 we sat down with Lucas Pope (Papers Please) and chatted about game development. In this clip Lucas talks about committing to a game and seeing it through to completion.

Anna and Lester

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